October 27, 2015


Anyone who tells you that they can secure your site from hackers is wrong.  Hackers are too good, if they want to get to your site most likely they will.

Our goal at ArmorWP is to prepare your site for attacks and being compromised.  Seems defeatist? no it’s honest.

How do we prepare your site:

  • we set up backups – stored off site
  • we use multiple wordpress security software packages to harden and monitor your site.
  • we keep your site up to date not only wordpress core but plugins and themes too.
  • we make sure file permissions are set to make compromising the site more difficult and easier to stop via monitoring
  • we ensure that you are using secure/strong passwords and usernames that do not match customer facing author names

We will do our best to ensure your site does not get hacked.  We know WordPress and we have a good understanding of how to secure a WordPress site.   We have been working with WordPress sites for over 7 years now and been working on websites for over 20, we starting working with our first customer 10 years ago is still with us today.


Tim Hinkel