October 17, 2015

WordPress Backup

Your WordPress website is run by a database, not to alarm you but sometimes updates fail or in extreme cases  the can even  delete part of your database.  Yes these things rarely happen but they do.  Some hackers also break the database or insert garbage into your database making it unusable.  So having daily or weekly backups of your site and data is an important thing to set up.

Weekly backups are probably enough for most websites.  If your site does not do monetary transactions or is not updated very often weekly is fine. If you want to backup more often, backup the site after you make changes to your sites content.

WordPress websites should always back up when you make updates to your sites WordPress plugins or WordPress core files.

When the WordPress Site is backed up, a copy  should sent to offsite storage.  Storing your backup files locally is risky.  Leaving them on your server is a mistake. If your site is hacked those files could be corrupted as well.



When you become a Armor customer we will immediately start the back up process:

  • Manually back up of your site via FTP and directly from the database.
  • Manually back up site using WordPress backup premium plugin download local copy and store on our Amazon S3 storage area in the cloud.
  • Set up automated back-up.  WordPress backup will be stored locally and on the Amazaon S3 area or Google Drive.
  • We can also set up an automated move of back ups to your off site service of your choice: Rackspace Cloud Files, Microsoft Cloud Drive or Drop Box (there are others you may be using just let us know and we can probably move files to those too).