April 5, 2016

WordPress Website Is Broken

Your WordPress website is broken showing a white screen (WordPress White Screen of Death (WSOD), you can’t login, your site is displaying error messages or the site appears to be not displaying correctly.

The problem could have any number of causes: memory exhaustion, WordPress plugin conflict, WordPress version incompatibility, WordPress theme errors, php parsing errors, your host updated the version of php, etc.

We are here to help, normally these problems take around an hour to fix.  If fixing your broken WordPress website is going to take longer (cost more) we will call to discuss the problem and solution with you and give you a time frame and price for the fix.

Call to discuss (617) 374-4730 or click below and we will begin working on getting your WordPress website working properly again immediately.

To prepare for the discussion please be ready to discuss:

  1. what were you doing on the site before the problem started?
    • did you update a WordPress plugin, then notice the website broken?
    • did you install a new WordPress plugin, then notice the website is broken?
    • did you activate a WordPress plugin?
    • did you install a new WordPress theme?
    • did you update a WordPress theme?
    • is your WordPress site not up to date:
      • WordPress Core is not running most recent version
      • WordPress Plugins and Themes are not running most recent versions
    • did nothing but website was not working correctly
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